The Packed Chemo Kit - gift bag for cancer patients, chemo patient and radiation patient
THE CHEMO KIT® Our NEW PACKED KIT!!! The Plush Kit, Kick Cancer's Ass Kit, and Dopp Kit with our Canvas and Leather Duffle! $379.00
Kick Cancer's Booty Kit!
KICK CANCER'S BOOTY KIT® ** JUST LAUNCHED ** The perfect answer for our tiniest superheroes! Equipped with everything to keep them cool & happy. $144.44
Kick Cancer's Ass Kit!
KICK CANCER'S ASS KIT® By far, the most BAD-ASS kit for cancer! This Kick-Ass Kit has everything you need for those boring stays in the hospital, waiting rooms, and treatment centers. $144.44

Plush Kit
THE PLUSH KIT® This cozy gift is one of the most popular kits! Keeping you warm and fuzzy in the hospital during treatments. $110.00
Dopp Kit
THE DOPP KIT® Our waterproof bag is full of the essentials from a toothbrush and toothpaste, to Fresh Wave air spray... you name it, it's in this kit! $79.00
THE PACKED BAG® This durable canvas and leather bag is perfect for a weekend get away or to keep packed and ready to go! $125.00

Kid's Kick Cancer's Booty Kiit

Until there's a cure, there's our kit! 

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