Kid's Kick Cancer's Booty Kiit

Until there's a cure, there's our kit! 

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The Packed Chemo Kit - gift bag for cancer patients, chemo patient and radiation patient
The Big Kahuna of Chemo Kits. Equipped with everything you or your loved one needs to beat the beast!
Kick Cancer's Ass Kit!
This Kick-Ass Kit has everything you need for those boring stays in the hospital, waiting rooms, and treatment centers.

Plush Kit
This Plush Kit is one of the most popular kits! Keeping you warm and fuzzy.
Medical Kit
The Medical Kit contains hospital bag essentials that keep you hydrated, and hygenic.
Dopp Kit
This waterproof Dopp Kit® has everything packed and ready to throw into your overnight luggage.

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Gifts for every occasion

The Bag

Supple washed canvas + leather weekender

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