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The Story Behind the Symbols

If you’ve gotten a look at our new Kick Cancer’s Ass Kit, you already know how freakin’ awesome the box’s graphics are...but you may not know that each symbol on the sticker is rich with significance. Here's your quick guide to what some of these illustrations mean; a little peek into the story of Packed Kits.
You CanPlan to Kick Cancer's Ass

You CanPlan to Kick Cancer's Ass

Check out the amazing CanPlan - a planner scientifically designed with survivorship in mind. Part organizer, part scheduler, part journal and part therapist, it's featured in our Kick Cancer's Ass Kit.
Organic Soup Kitchen: Kicking Cancer’s Ass One Bowl of Soup at a Time

Organic Soup Kitchen: Kicking Cancer’s Ass One Bowl of Soup at a Time

Picture a place where the tools to fight cancer include knives, whisks, stand mixers and blenders as well as bright orange carrots, knobby roots of turmeric and earthy green leaves of kale. Picture a place where containers full of nutrient-dense, plant-based goodness are loaded onto vans and delivered right to cancer patients’ doors each week. Now picture a place that offers this service on a sliding scale, at low to no cost for those who need it most.

Does it sound amazing? Absolutely. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Read on to learn more about Organic Soup Kitchen, a kick-ass organization fighting cancer one bowl of soup at a time.