About us

Packed Kits was started, well, on accident really. We didn’t plan for cancer. No one does.

Kev was diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the tongue in October 2015. He underwent a full glossectomy, bilateral neck resection, tongue reconstruction requiring two large skin grafts, removal of nerves, veins, and arteries, a g-tube placed, and wisdom teeth removed. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Next up were 33 rounds of high dose radiation and seven weeks of chemotherapy. Our lives had changed dramatically in only a short amount of time.

Before undergoing the months of chemotherapy and radiation, Kev’s sister-in-law researched some products that were dubbed “necessities” by many chemotherapy patients going through what Kev was about to endure. She sent off a care package filled with these goodies to Kev and his family to help ease those hospital visits and hospital stays. The care package had inadvertently turned into his “chemo kit”, a staple in the household that found its place by the front door, packed (because it was never unpacked) and ready, to make Kev’s treatments much more enjoyable. With two kids under the age of three, multiple appointments every day, and several emergency trips to the doctors, the chemo kit had become the best gift they had received to calm the chaos. Kev and his Packed Kit were always ready to go!

After all of Kev’s treatments were finished and we thought he was out of the woods, recurrent infections of the neck began happening. After the fourth emergency admission and two rounds of biopsies, the doctors broke the news that Kev’s cancer was back. The tumor cells were aspirated from a lump that developed on Kev’s chin. The first thing that we did was pack up his chemo bag and throw it in the car to gear up for another 12-week cycle of chemotherapy, this time with intermittent immunotherapy. Honestly, for as much as Kev used the kit, his wife used it just as much. This bag had everything they needed for a family going through treatment.

Ever since the diagnosis, the majority of questions we received were, “How can I help?” and, “What can I do?” We didn’t have answers besides “nothing,” and “keep praying!”, because WE didn’t know how to help and WE didn’t know what to do. However, the care package that Angel’s little sister had sent Kev was nothing they would have never thought of, but everything they could have ever needed for his treatments. It was extremely heartfelt, researched, thought out, functional, and convenient. The original care package has now been transformed into our Packed Kits—and the original concept behind it remains the same. We want our customers, our family, and our friends to have the same feeling we experienced with our Packed Kit. It was one less thing to worry about, and one less thing to worry about during these times makes a world of difference.

Patients undergoing cancer treatment, dialysis, surgery, or experiencing extended hospital stays will thank you for this gift. It’s been tested, it’s been approved, and it’s been a saving grace. We’ve thought of everything to help comfort everyone going through the process. We hope that Packed Kit helps. It helped us!

Peace, love, and f*ck cancer