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Why the Hell are Hospitals So Cold?

Why the Hell are Hospitals So Cold?

Spotlight: The Plush Kit

It’s something that you never think about until you’re there - the frigid temperature of your hospital room. There you are, sitting or laying for hours, doing your best to rest and recover and heal (or support a loved one doing their best to rest, recover, and heal) and you can’t stop shivering.  The nurses bring you more blankets, but they’re rough and heavy - the exact opposite of the comfort that you’re seeking.

So why the hell do they keep hospitals so cold, anyway?  There are several reasons, but here are 3 of the basics:

  1. To combat the growth of bacteria

Yeah, gross.  But super important.  Hospitals are some of the germiest places in existence.  Bacteria and viruses flourish in warm environments, so the colder temperature of your hospital room is intended to slow the growth of those nasties and keep your risk of infection down.

  1. To prevent condensation

Not too different from #1. Warm, humid air creates condensation buildup on hospital surfaces. Those tiny droplets of water pick up bacteria and viruses, and as condensation moves from one surface to another, it can cross contaminate things that are supposed to be sterile.

  1. To keep the hospital staff comfortable

These people are busy and almost constantly moving. Keeping them cool keeps them from sweating.  And we already know we don’t want heat and water around because, germs.

And another thing...many chemo patients experience intensified cold as a result of a drop in white blood cells.  So even when they’re not in the hospital, they can still feel super chilly.

Are you anticipating a hospital stay or planning for chemo?  Do you know someone who is? The Plush Kit offered by PackedKits is perfect for staying warm and comfy in the hospital and during recovery. It includes:

  • Berkshire Blanket® - made with BunnySoft® fabric.  This blanket is as cozy and soft as they come. The lower fabric height gives the blanket an ultra-plush feel. And bonus - this blanket is beautiful enough for your most elegant spaces. Style and comfort, hand in hand.
  • Wigwam Socks® - These stylish socks are warm and soft and super comfortable.  No wool = no itch! After trying hundreds of socks, these were the clear winner - comfortable, durable, cozy, and warm.  And bonus - they’re made in the USA.
  • Tech gloves - The perfect solution to the frustration of not being able to type on your phone or play a game while wearing gloves.  These warm, functional gloves let you stay connected while keeping out the cold.
  • Wigwam Slouch Beanie® - This beanie is super warm but comfortable and lightweight, allowing you to wear it all day and night. It can be cuffed for a form fit or worn with a little slouch for a more casual look.

Staying in the hospital or going through chemo is super hard - but it doesn’t have to be cold.  The Plush Kit offers the gift of style and warmth - check it out today.