Where We Are ... One Year Later

Let’s take it back to December 2016 when Angel was asked to share about the creation of Packed Kits and about Kevin’s journey with cancer on a local radio show called 805 Connect. Angel opened up about how she met Kevin, their backgrounds, their families, their children, and how this incredible company began and blossomed from a simple gift given by a family member. 

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Just two short months later, while remaining strong in spirit, Kevin’s condition worsened. And in February, Kevin peacefully passed away surrounded by his loving family and holding the hand of his wife, Angel. 

As the months roll on, and we continue to process everything that has happened this past year and a half, we are continually reminded of Kevin’s strength and courage. 

We have all experienced cancer in one way or another- a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend- and whether or not we have seen the horrific details of this disease with our own eyes, we know that it is very real. In the midst of the pain, Kevin and Angel made the choice to take their own hardship and do the ultimate good thing-help others. 

Packed Kits was born from a moment of bravery. 

Though Kevin is no longer with us physically, his legacy remains. We are honored to have Packed Kits as one of the many gifts Kevin has left us. 

We are proud to say that many lives have been touched by this amazing product, and we hope that, wherever you are in your journey with cancer- in the midst of the pain or walking along side someone you love- you will find comfort in what Packed Kits has to offer. 

Do the brave thing. Give Pack.