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Until There's A Cure, There's A Kit

Until There's A Cure, There's A Kit


JULY 18, 2016 -- Angelina (Angel) and Kevin Speier of Goleta, CA had just given birth to their second child and moved into their first house when Kevin, 32, was diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the tongue in fall, 2015. In an emergency surgery weeks after the discovery, Kevin’s tongue was removed, replaced with skin grafts from his thigh and wrist, along with arteries and nerves from the arm to perfuse the new tongue, followed by 33 rounds of high dose radiation and seven weeks of chemotherapy.

As Angel puts it, “We didn't plan for cancer, obviously. No one does.”  

This is where Packed Kits came in.  

While Kevin was in the hospital, his sister-in-law sent him a "chemo kit," items she believed would make his five hours in the transfusion suite more comfortable. Not only was Kevin thankful, so was Angel! With two kids age three and under, and her husband facing multiple doctor’s appointments daily, Angel could grab the kit with everything packed and go. For as much as Kevin used the kit, so did Angel. In practice, the bag was perfect not only for the patient, but for anyone spending the days and nights by their side. Cancer would never be easy, but this kit made it easier.

The full Packed Kit consists of four different kits in a rugged leather and canvas bag: “The Plush Kit” includes a luxury blanket, socks, gloves, and beanie for maximum comfort during chemo and extended hospital stays; “The Med Kit” contains everyday essentials, an extensive first aid kit, and a hot/cold reusable water bottle; “The Dopp Kit” is a cosmetic case that goes beyond the basics, to help ease some of cancer’s unexpected side effects; and finally, “The Fun Kit,” everything from headphones and a portable external battery charger, to playing cards, a calendar, notepads and brain games to pass the hours on the road to recovery.

If you find yourself asking "What Can I Do?" when someone you love is fighting this fight, Packed Kits is your answer. Filled with the best possible items, products and brands, chosen by patients, with input from physicians and registered nurses, this is the ultimate survival kit, to make hospital stays and everyday life more manageable.

Beginning July 19th, the full Packed Kit will be on sale for $395. The Packed Kit duffle, and individual kits, may also be sold separately. Visit Packed Kits on Facebook and Twitter, and, for more information.


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