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The Packed Kit

The Packed Kit

What is PackedKits?

The Packed Kit is a duffle bag stuffed full of all the essentials one needs to get through chemo (or any other long, repeated, dreadful hospital stay). We're experts in the field of kicking cancer's ass, and we couldn't have done it without a bag packed with our favorite products. It's been our hospital survival kit and now we're bringing it to you. It's the perfect gift for someone who's fighting cancer (and all you can think is WTF can I do to help?), or anyone who frequents the hospital just like they would their neighborhood coffee shop. 

Why Packed Kits? 

It took us weeks and multiple hospital visits (which consists of sitting in a hospital for hours or days on end) to figured out the essentials Kevin needed for a chemo visit.  There were many times we forgot the phone charger, or the headphones, or his warmest socks. But we finally got it down, specified ONE bag that would carry all the essentials, and never looked back. We fell in love with the ease of having one spot for it all, and thought "Hey, we should share these!".

Why We're Different

We decided we would produce a high-quality gift bag, something that doesn't yell "I have cancer!" to the world; a bag and contents that can be used after you kick cancer's ass.  And so here it is: the high-quality, gender-neutral, extremely practical yet totally awesome, move-outta-my-way-cancer, you got this, ultimate hospital visit survival kit. 

Sounds cool, but what's in it? 

There are so many good things in this kit.  So many that we had to break them up into their own kits that go inside the Packed Kit. Here's the breakdown: 

Plush Kit : Everything you need to stay warm and comfortable. It has no wool (no itch!) Wigwam socks, tech gloves (so you can still text all the homies and keep your fingertips warm), a beanie and the coziest blanket of your dreams. (A side effect of many chemo treatments is making the patient feel cold due to a drop in white blood cells, so this kit will be much appreciated on chemo days)

Dopp Kit : All the things you need and never think of. From toothpaste and face wipes to Dr. Lipp for dry skin (another side effect of chemo). It has all the necessities for taking a trip to the hospital... even toilet spray. Ya. Everything.

Fun Kit : Sometime hospital TV just doesn't cut it. This pack includes headphones, an external battery phone charger, a deck of cards and a few other things to keep you entertained. A favorite product is the Field Notes® 56-week Calendar, which is perfect for keeping up with all the doctors appointments or journaling your days. 

Med Kit : You guessed it, it's all things medical. This kit includes a first aid kit, Mizu Life® water bottle, and other helpful things to get you through.