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The Chemo Gift

Packed Kits is excited to launch our new line of luxury gifts for chemo patients.  

Kev was diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the tongue in October 2015.  After an almost full glossectomy, bilateral neck resection, tongue reconstruction that consisted of two large skin grafts, removal of nerves, veins and arteries, a g-tube placed...and wisdom teeth removed, because why not?...

Then onto 33 rounds of high dose radiation and seven weeks of chemotherapy.  This is where Packed Kits came in.  Kev's sister-in-law sent him a Chemo Kit she had put together with some items that she thought he would need to make his 5 hours in the transfusion suite more comfortable.  Not only was Kev thankful, so was his wife!  With two kids age three and under, and her husband with multiple doctor appointments everyday, when would anyone have time to go get items needed to make treatments more enjoyable (maybe not enjoyable...but more tolerable).

This was truly the best gift!  Kev had his Packed Kit all ready to go every week for treatments.  He would just grab the bag--everything stayed packed. 

After all his treatments were done and we thought he was out of the woods, recurrent infections of the neck began happening.  After the fourth time being admitted and two rounds of biopies, the doctors found a reoccurance of the cancer, in some tumor cells in his chin.  First thing we did was pack up his chemo kit and throw it in the car. Honestly, for as much as Kev used it... so did his wife.  Everything in the bag was perfect for someone taking care of a patient as well.  Especially when she was spending the nights in the hospital. 

Kev and and his wife Angel constantly had people asking what they could do to help... and of course, they always said "nothing"... "Keep praying".  But Angel's little sister sent Kev everything she thought he would need to get through chemo treatments.

Look, this is a no brainer for anyone going through cancer, dialysis, long hospital stays, surgeries, as well as for the care-giver.  This is the PERFECT gift!!! 

We really hope the Packed Kit helps - it helped us.  And we really tried to think of everything to make things that much easier on you.